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Jackson Karma UL

Jackson Karma UL

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The Commemorative Edition of our Karma UL is here. The limited run graphic on the stern commemorates Dane Jackson’s monumental achievement of a sub-four-minute run at the Green Race - it's not ‘wishful thinking’ anymore.

The Karma UL is not only a racing machine but is also built for attainments, speed runs, overnighters, and making the same old run new and exciting. The planing hull makes the bow easy to control while the rocker profile keeps you up and out of the water.


  • Full planing hull based on the Karma creek boat
  • 11'10" length makes it FAST for creek racing, river running & attaining
  • Tons of leg room for all-day comfort
  • Jackson Kayak’s Bees Knees Thigh Hook System (Patented) for increased contact and control in the thigh brace area. LEARN MORE
  • Jackson Kayak’s Uni-Shock Bulkhead System (Patented) – the highest shock absorbing system on the market. LEARN MORE
  • Jackson Kayak’s Sure-Lock Backband System (Patented) – the lightest, most user-friendly system that can be adjusted anywhere LEARN MORE
  • Jackson Kayak’s Warranty Program LEARN MORE


Paddlers looking for speed. The Karma Unlimited will go downriver fast while keeping the bow up and everything in its path. If you feel the need for speed, this is the boat for you. It's great for attaining, river running, and creek racing. The Karma UL is the first boat to race the Green River in under 4:00 minutes. At 11'10", the Karma UL is a stretched-out Karma designed to put a smile on your face.

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